Isla Guadalupe Trip Planning Shark Cage Diving 2020

guadalupe cage diving

Isla Guadalupe Trip Planning Shark Cage Diving 2020

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5 Star
While there are several shark boats that travel to Guadalupe Island, I am glad that I chose MV Horizon. The crew made everything so easy- from getting in and out of the cages, gearing up, downloading footage, etc. Meals were great and the sleeping arrangements were better than expected. Seeing the great whites was an experience of a lifetime and I’m still amazed at all the activity we witnessed underwater.

Guadalupe Islands BEST Shark Crews

What I liked best was that the crew always had shark conservation top of mind. The rounded cages help keep the sharks safe- something I didn’t see on the other boats. Nothing entered the water (like trash)- there was no trace of us when we left. Going to Guadalupe was probably the coolest thing I’ve done in life and I’m glad I chose the boat that provides the best experience!

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Shark divers and cage divers from around the world dive at Guadalupe Island for one reason….great white sharks! Shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island delivers guaranteed white shark encounters, 100 foot visibility and bucket list shark cage diving.
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