Isla Guadalupe Shark Cage Diving Trip Report

guadalupe cage diving

Isla Guadalupe –Trip Report 2019

Another AWESOME shark filled adventure to Guadalupe Island, sanctuary of the great white shark! MV Horizon shark crews set our cages early in the morning and watched two great whites turn towards the vessel, looking forward to catching our bait, swimming fast and biting hard. During the day the action increased and we saw 8 different sharks, 10-12ft in length and then larger really big females. The water temperature was 76 and the visibility was 100 feet.

Great White Shark Cage Diving Action

There was action all day long the cages at the back of the boat had the great whites doing close ups and passing right in front of the cages while the people on the sun deck were taking photos and videos of all this action. On the second day we saw 12 different great whites and the rest of the trip we had lot of action as well!.

No words can describe a great white shark facing straight at you with an open mouth of sharp razor like teeth! We could say that we had action everyday and at every time with 8 to 14 great whites per day. Guadalupe Island has shown one more time with its incredible views and the abundance of prey elephant seals, fur seals and Californian sea lions to be the ultimate paradise for the great white sharks. Come and cage dive with us!