Is Guadalupe Shark Cage Diving Safe? Best Pricing and Information

cage diving with great white sharks

Is Guadalupe Shark Cage Diving Safe? Best Pricing and Information

Is shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island safe? That’s one of the first questions shark divers ask us aboard America’s Shark Boat. For your safety, and for the safety of our amazing great white sharks, all shark cage diving is done using a hookah system inside and our custom designed shark cages. Our shark cages are designed to provide maximum protection for you and for our white sharks and were the first cages to have round bars, since adopted by all operators at Guadalupe Island.

The best great white shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) cage diving in the world is located at Guadalupe Island, and America’s Shark Boat has been going there for over 20 seasons. We are the BEST shark diving boat in the USA with 5 day all inclusive cage diving expeditions for just $2795 per diver!

San Diego Departures – No Busses Into Mexico

Mexico’s Isla Guadalupe has established itself as the world’s top white shark cage diving destination and America’s Shark Boat has been offering cage diving adventures there since 2000. We depart from San Diego harbor and don’t force our shark divers into busses and into Mexico. It’s why our divers book with us.

Why do white sharks come so close to the shark cages?

One of the reason why Guadalupe Island great white sharks come so close to our shark cages is because of  the use of discreet chumming with a tuna head on a rope in the water.  We ensure that these activities do not result in negative interactions with the sharks, but as apex predators they are drawn to scent and activitiy. At Isla Guadalupe shark cage diving is only done with a hookah dive system. Great white sharks feed primarily on the surface of the water, where seals are a favourite.

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