How To Cage Dive at Guadalupe Island With Great White Sharks

Guadalupe island cage diving

Guadalupe Cage Diving Adventures

Off the coast of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean lies the legendary island of Guadalupe, the Island of The Great White Shark.

Guadalupe is a remote shark island created from ancient volcanic activity and guarded by the oceans most recognized and respected predator The Great White. The sharks of Guadalupe are some of the ocean’s most successful predators and hunters of seals returning to the island each year to mate and feed on the abundance of seals and sea lions that dot the rugged and scenic coastline here.

Guadalupe Island boasts unrivaled water clarity and calm seas giving it the reputation over the past 22 seasons as THE BEST location in the world to observe Great White shark behavior.

Guadalupe Island Shark Diving

America’s Shark Boat offers once-in-a-lifetime bucket list expeditions providing our shark divers not only with the breathtaking experience of observing Great White sharks in the wild, but a uniquely dramatic setting of untamed wilderness as the backdrop for this incredible display of nature’s raw power.

Guadalupe Island expeditions are designed for every diver in mind and even those that are not certified, direct departures from San Diego (no busses into mexico) are hallmarks of the best way to go cage diving in the USA. Join us today!