How much does it cost to dive with sharks? | Guadalupe Cage Diving

guadalupe island shark cage diving

How much does it cost to dive with sharks? | Guadalupe Cage Diving

Getting face to face in a shark cage with great white sharks raises the pulse rate. If you’re lucky enough to get in the water with the ocean’s top predator you’ll discover the true adrenaline floodgates. But how much does it cost to cage dive with white sharks?

Cage Diving Costs at Guadalupe Island and Beyond

There are only four places in the world where you can get into the cage to dive with great white sharks. Only Guadalupe Island allows non diving shark divers since you are on hookah in the great white’s realm. Shark cage diving costs range from place to place, and are dependant on how many days you’ll be at sea.

Seal Island, South Africa $750 Per Diver (Half Day)

Super green waters of South Africa offer the original shark-diving destination, entering the cage and watching from the boat in False Bay  Seal Island happens after a short 25-minute boat ride from the mainland and less than an hour from Cape Town. Shark cage divers spend time in the cage sightings are not guaranteed.

Farallon Islands, California Cage Diving (Meh)

There’s something wrong with paying close to $1000 (with travel) to NOT see a great white sharks. Before you consider this destination check these trip reports. You’ll thank us later. Buyer beware. Cage sightings are not guaranteed.

Neptune Islands, South Australia $3300 Per Diver (Three Nights)

Australian Rodney Fox is credited with pioneering great white cage diving some four decades ago. And the operation he still runs — together with his son, Andrew — gives divers the best shot at seeing the healthy and hungry population of great whites of South Australia’s Neptune Islands. Cage sightings are guaranteed.

Guadalupe Island, Mexico $3595 Per Diver (Five Days)

There’s no place like Mexico’s Guadalupe Island. Great white sharks patrol the waters here from August through December each year.  Shark cages are lowered off the boat’s stern and shark divers encounter a scene straight from a documentary as the sharks lunge at bait set out by professional shark wranglers. Cage sightings are guaranteed.

Discover the best shark cage diving on the planet at Guadalupe Island with us today….for less!