How Much Does It Cost To Cage Dive With Sharks at Guadalupe Island?

great white shark cage diving

Cage Diving With Sharks at Guadalupe – Cost

America’s Shark Boat cage dives in the crystal clear waters of Guadalupe Island, it is the best place on the planet to get face to face with great white sharks. You’ll spend three incredible days cage diving with multiple white sharks and best of all it’s open to certified shark divers and non-divers.

Guadalupe Cage Diving Pricing 

Since 2000 when we first discovered this unique shark site we have to thrilling shark divers from all over the globe, our white shark diving season at Isla Guadalupe runs from mid-July through December. Pricing is $3895.75 per person and includes onboard accommodations, meals, alcoholic beverages, multiple dive days with lots of cage time, Mexico’s charges a $225  permit fee.

Sharks at This Site: Sub-adult and adult Pacific great white sharks.

Cage Diving Season: Prime shark-viewing season at Isla Guadalupe is from July through December.

Shark Divers: No dive certification is required. All shark divers utilize floating shark cages where 99% of the action is. Participants should be in reasonably good health and comfortable in and on the water.

Shark Diving Expedition Notes: Participants should purchase dive insurance and sign a release of liability. A passport is required for this trip. There is no shark guarantee, but Isla Guadalupe currently boasts the highest shark sighting success rate on the planet.

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