Guide to Cage Diving in Guadalupe Island, Mexico 2021

Guadalupe island cage diving

Guide to Cage Diving in Guadalupe Island, Mexico 2021

Guadalupe Island is a small, volcanic island located 210 miles off the west coast of California in Mexico. It is THE BEST shark location in the world to get up close and personal with great white sharks. The island attracts large numbers of great white sharks (over 400+) every year, which are monitored by shark scientists in their database. Sightings and encounters with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island are virtually guaranteed and in gin clear waters, with visibility typically ranging between 100+ feet.

Guadalupe Island can only be reached by liveaboard and America’s Shark Boat has been cage diving at Guadalupe island since 2000. The sea crossing to the island takes around 24 hours each way, from San Diego, and minimum trip duration on board is five days, which will give you three full days cage diving at Guadalupe.

How to Get To Guadalupe Island

The port town of  San Diego at H and M Landing is where America’s Shark Boat is berthed and is very easily reached just 15 minutes from the main airport. We recommend you enjoy one night’s accommodation there prior to boarding America’s Shark Boat and explore San Diego while you’re here.

Guadalupe Cage Diving Adventures

Shark cage diving operations at Guadalupe rotate guests in and out of the shark cages throughout the day. Once you arrive to Guadalupe Island, you will receive a safety dive briefing and will get familiar with the shark cages. Unlimited diving is provided when using the surface cages all day long. Once cage diving closes for the night, shark diving guests enjoy the beautiful sunsets and cocktail hour on the sundeck before dinner. Ready to go? Book today!