Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Diving FAQ’s | Information

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Diving FAQ’s | Information

Shark divers from around the world have been chartering America’s Shark Boat to Guadalupe island since 2000. We know a thing or two about great white sharks because we have seen it all over the past 18 years. Below are many of the frequently asked questions we get about shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island. Let’s dive!

Do I need to SCUBA certified to cage diving with white sharks?

On America’s Shark Boat you do not need to be a certified scuba diver to dive in our shark cages. Our specially designed surface cages use an easy to understand hooka system that pumps air to your regulator, so you are underwater, but within a few feet of the surface. We have been using unique cage diving system for the past 18 years!

Do I need any special shark cage training?

On America’s Shark Boat our professional shark diving crew will present an orientation and safety briefing and you will have ample opportunity to ask any questions you may have. No other training is necessary. Let’s shark dive!

Are there any physical restrictions on diving with the sharks?

There is a maximum waist measurement of 48” and a minimum age requirement of 13 years in order to cage dive with America’s Shark Boat at Guadalupe Island. All guests should be able to enter and exit the shark cages on their own, and should be reasonably physically fit. We also make special accommodations for Wounded Warriors and law enforcement.

Is it possible to do the shark dive if I cannot swim?

Yes, it is possible for you to do the shark dive. There is no swimming involved during the shark cage diving experience. You do need to be comfortable underwater, wearing a mask and breathing through a mouthpiece. We’re here to run you and your family and friends through the process of cage diving step by step. Take your time, there’s plenty of great whites here for everyone.

How close will I get to the great white sharks at Guadalupe Island?

Up close and personal. However, we do not recommend reaching outside the cage to touch the sharks. Typically on America’s Shark Boat we encounter up to 10 different great white sharks per dive day.

Shark diving outside of the cage, is it allowed?

No, all divers are required to stay inside the cages at all times as per new regulations at the island which we fully support. In the past unscrupulous divers, thrill seekers, and self promoters have “rolled the dice” with their lives and lives of their divers by offering out of cage experiences, we are happy to note those days are over.

How large are the great white sharks at Guadalupe Island?

The adult male sharks range in size from 9′ to 17′. The females are larger, measuring 15′ to 20′ and weighing over 4000 pounds. Come and meet Deep Blue arguably the largest white shark in the Pacific, we named her in 2015. She has been accurately measured at 20 feet in length.

What guarantee do I have that I’ll see a shark?

Wild animals are unpredictable and untrained, that’s part of what makes the wilderness experience so exciting. That said, we see sharks on every trip to Guadalupe Island and offer a 100% shark guarantee (do other boats offer this? why not?). If we fail to deliver even one shark you get a free trip back good for two years!!!

Does diving with sharks harm them in any way?

No, the sharks are not harmed. Guests often ask about the scrapes and scratches on the sharks body. These scratches are from scuffles with other sharks and also from rough mating. Some shark have gotten stuck in other vessel cages at Guadalupe island. You must choose carefully when booking your cage diving vacation. To date America’s Shark Boat has a 100% success rate – No sharks EVER in our shark cages!

All operators who visit Guadalupe Island are required to have permits, so only a limited number of people can visit the island. We have a tremendous amount of respect for these animals and do everything in our power to protect them, since 2000, when we first discovered Guadalupe Islands great white sharks.

When is the best time of year to go shark diving?

The great white sharks of Guadalupe Island begin to arrive each year sometime in June and have usually departed by late November. We suggest visiting the island during the months of August, September and October. Let’s go shark diving!