Guadalupe Shark Cage Attack, Breaches, Blood, and More?

Guadalupe island cage diving

Guadalupe Island Cage Diving Near Disasters

Choose Your Guadalupe Island Operator Wisely

Over the past 17 years America’s Shark Boat has enjoyed a clean record at Guadalupe Island. We learned early on that these animals are powerful and can be misdirected into cages. For some operators having sharks slam into cages offers their clients the Holy Grail of shark images, big crashing teeth on cage bars. For us this is a recipe for disaster and a risk we are unwilling to take for the sharks we have grown to know and love.

Search Guadalupe Island You Tube Videos First

If you’re unsure about who to choose this season when booking a shark cage diving vacation check with You Tube and ask yourself if you would want to harm these sharks or give money to an operation with a track record for serious cage breaches. You’ll note they call them shark accidents. Once is an accident, more than that is serious situation that only you have control over with your dollars. Spend them with operators who love sharks, not treat sharks like ATM machines!

Guadalupe Island Cage Diving Safely

Shark cage diving, it really is as thrilling as it looks! You have always wanted to experience the world’s top white shark cage diving destination at Guadalupe Island, and now you can – for less than you imagined, safely. Face off with great white sharks this year on America’s Shark Boat, the MV Horizon. Since 2000 we have been pioneering shark cage diving, underwater shark photography, shark research, and Film and TV with sharks at this unique and pristine white shark location. We are your next shark diving adventure. Great ready for excitement and let’s go cage diving.

Oh, and for those that might claim that shark baits close to the shark cage equals better shark images and video? Check out the video below from our 2018 shark season at Guadalupe Island. You’ll note this is as close as you can get without actually being inside the shark cage and no sharks were harmed in the process. Let’s go shark diving!