Guadalupe Island White Shark Cage Diving Viewing Seasons

shark diving at guadalupe island

Guadalupe Island White Shark Cage Diving Viewing Seasons

So, you have committed to cage diving in the best location on the planet with America’s Shark Boat this year, but when is the BEST time to go? You want to go cage diving dive with the most sharks? The largest white sharks? Or you’re hoping for a chance to dive with the Pacific’s largest recorded white shark Deep Blue (20+ feet long)? We have the answers for you.

About Guadalupe Island Cage Diving 

After 19 shark diving seasons at Guadalupe Island we have the local dive situation pretty much dialed in. There are three shark cage diving seasons at Guadalupe Island attracting shark divers of all skill levels and interests wanting to go face to face with the oceans top predators the great white shark….and it’s all because of sex!

Early Season Teens, Lots of Teeth

From August through the middle of September Guadalupe Island is slammed with young male white sharks. We call these 10-15 foot animals “teenagers” and they act like it. Younger males are FULL of energy and slam hangbaits whenever they get the chance. They are also known to crowd the shark cages with up to four to five animals at a time taking turns to investigate anything that floats at the surface. This is a great time to come for amazing weather and lots of cage diving fun and excitement with white sharks. Most of these white sharks are newly interested in seals, they are also here to meet up with our mid and late season females, but they’ll have to contend with much larger males for dates, and will often show up with fresh wounds from larger males who know the game.

Mid Season Mixed, Here Come The Gals

Late September through October sees a dramatic shift in white shark populations. Typically breeding aged white shark males start to dominate the local site. These 15-17 foot animals are seasoned and battle hardened. They are also efficient seal killers. There’s a change in pace at the shark cages as well with great white sharks that take their time to eyeball divers. It can be unnerving to non divers, but don’t worry they are just being curious in the only way they know how. Late October weather can become unsettled, so come prepared.

Late Season Time of the Titans, BIG Sharks!

From late October through November you have the largest sharks at Guadalupe Island. The younger males have gone, realizing that they have no chance with the large breeding aged females, and the largest like Deep Blue show up to shock and awe divers the world over. Deep Blue is a simply massive animal weighing in at an estimated 4500 lbs of raw predatory muscle. With her are the largest males of the season from 16-18 feet long. They will be at the island until late December and then vanish into the Pacific until next season. November weather patterns can be unsettled, the trade off are bigger and bigger sharks!

Guadalupe Island Great White Shark Cage Diving

Great white sharks can be as large as 20 feet long, weigh an upward of 5,000 pounds, and live for 30+ years. August through October is peak season for seeing great whites and few places on the globe are as prime a destination as Guadalupe Island for adrenaline junkies on a budget.

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