Guadalupe Island White Shark Cage Diving Science Shark Sonar

Guadalupe Island White Shark Cage Diving Science Shark Sonar

In a first for the global shark cage diving industry the MV Horizon in tandem with California Shark Lab have pioneered the worlds for Shark Sonar. Guadalupe Island is located approximately 260 miles from San Diego and is a hotspot for large, adult white sharks. In recent years, some of the younger sharks tagged by the CSULB Shark Lab in southern California have been detected out at Guadalupe Island, as they get to over 3 years old. Beginning early 2018, the CSULB Shark Lab and Horizon Charters began a collaboration to help connect enthusiastic cage divers with the latest on shark research and technology.

Shark Sonar at Guadalupe Island

Custom software, Shark Sonar,​ was created by Jennifer Luong (B.S. Computer Science, CSULB) to display shark information to the guests and is synced to an acoustic receiver that listens for tagged sharks on the M.V. Horizon. When a tagged shark is detected near the boat, the guests see the alert on a TV monitor, and learn about that shark (e.g., where it was tagged, estimated size at tagging, when it was detected last). Shark Sonar will be onboard ALL Guadalupe Island cage diving adventures this season!

Shark Sonar and Shark Allies at Guadalupe Island

In 2018 we hosted Shark Allies and Doctor Chris Lowe from Cal State Shark Lab on onboard America’s Shark Boat at Guadalupe Island, it was the beginning of a great relationship. You may recognise this unique gathering from Shark Week, as they have been featured on some of the best science based Guadalupe Island shark shows over the years. This year we are hosting the amazing and diverse shark conservation team from Shark Allies again along with the good Doctor on August 28-2, to explore the amazing world of great white sharks at Guadalupe Island together. Book this trip today!