Guadalupe Island White Shark Cage Diving Reviews 2019

Cage diving at Isla guadalupe


5 Stars

My wife and I went to Guadalupe Island with Horizon for a Great White Sharkcage diving adventure. What a great and exciting experience! The boat is perfect for live-a-board trips. We had 21 divers and 7 crew members and had plenty of space to move around the boat.

Shark Diving Cabin Space

My wife and I had a cabin bunk and I was very surprised on the size of the beds.  I would say they are a little wider than a full size bed.  I’m 6’3 and had enough room to roll around and not fall out.

Shark Crew

The crew was top notch, and very friendly!  We spoke with Lalo (Dive Master) at length throughout the trip about sharks and he is really knowledgeable about sharks and willing to share his knowledge. The other crew members were just as fun to talk to and learn from.  Will and Patrick were tossing bait to the sharks and did a great job trying to pull the sharks near the cage for photos.  The crew also did and outstanding job of keeping the boat very clean!! Seriously, I really appreciated their efforts to keep everything clean!  They also have a night watch, sounds simple, but I did get out of bed throughout the night to use the restroom and I was very pleased to see a crew member awake moving about the boat.  I am very safety oriented and that was extremely important for me to see and they did not fail.  Great job guys!!

Shark Diving Food Service

Laura and Shea kicked ass in the kitchen making all the food for us!!  They were very friendly and always had a smile on their faces.  The timing of meals was perfect and we never went hungry!!  Between meals they made sure there were snacks to munch on.  Great people to be around.

Shark Boat Captains

Cary and Stephen are great captains and of course, fun to be around.  Cary prepared some slide shows and help educate us about White Sharks and I personally learned a lot.  We rented a GoPro camera because my wife’s camera malfunctioned and Cary always made sure she had a charged battery before going into the water.

Overall Cage Diving at Guadalupe?

They not only preach safety but they practice it too.  Not only our safety but for the sharks’ safety too, and I appreciate that.  It was our first time in the boat and first time cage diving with Great White Sharks and we had a BLAST!!  I have no complaints about this trip and only positive things to say about the boat and its crew!!  We had such a great time, my wife wants to go again.  Future plans in the  works!