Guadalupe Island Tripadvisor Cage Diving

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Tripadvisor Reports Guadalupe Shark Cage Diving

The 2018 white shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island was our 18th shark season and it was, simply put, amazing! Shark divers from as far away as the U.K and Australia joined us on America’s Shark Boat for 5 day adventures packed with great white sharks.

Tripadvisor Shark Diver Reports 2018

Here’s a short (very short) sampling of the tidal wave of shark trip reports we received from our shark divers in 2018. As always, we’re so grateful to be able to meet and shark cage dive with simply amazing people. Every year shark divers and non divers choose America’s Shark Boat in San Diego to introduce them to the wild world of Guadalupe white sharks:

Great Experience, Great crew. Highly Recommend!

“Excellent trip, the shark experience is really amazing, but what makes it special is also the crew of this boat. Highly professional, well-run outfit. I will be back again and will recommend it to all my friends.”

Best. Vacation. Ever!

“There is literally nothing the crew of the Horizon could do better for you. Nearly every dive we saw at least one shark, even as the season started drawing to a close. The meals were great. Every crew member was nice and seemed to work well together. Everything you need is taken care of for you. They even rent out GoPros if you need them. This was honestly the best vacation I’ve ever been on. I’m at a loss to find a way to top it. I’d highly recommend this ship for anyone thinking of seeing some great whites up close. I’ll definitely be back in the future.”

Bucket List – check!!

“Clean boat, great food, friendly crew, big sharks! What else could you ask for? Ample opportunity to experience these majestic creatures. Love being able to leave right out of San Diego bay and go straight to Guadalupe, rather than some of those other boats that require a drive to Ensenada first. Horizon charters for the win!!”

Epic Trip!

“Had the time of my life. The experience with the sharks and crew were top notch. The best crew hands down. Loved every minute of it. Thanks guys!”

Absolutely Stunning!

“Horizon Charters pays attention to their customers with plenty of information, attention to detail, responses to any inquiry, and, of course, by ensuring diver safety! I had an absolute blast and saw so many big BIG sharks. I couldn’t have asked for a better holiday. Every person on the boat had an amazing life story and contributed to the overall experience by sharing their life stories and knowledge about all kinds of topics. I appreciated their input tremendously!”

Bucket List Ticked at Guadalupe!

“Amazing trip with a fantastic crew and fellow shark divers. You could not ask for anything more from this exceptional charter.Professional and very easygoing crew made you feel very welcome from the moment we boarded the boat.Food was awesome. Beds comfortable and clean.About 30 different sharks on our charter and the visibility was about 40 mtrs. Came over from Australia and was not disappointed. Thanks Spencer and crew for the memories!

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