Guadalupe Island Trip Report #10 2018

The 2018 white shark cage diving season at Guadalupe Island is coming to a close but not before our newly minted shark divers send us their regards! It was an EPIC shark diving season this year!

Guadalupe island Trip Report #10 2019

Trip of a lifetime! Some experiences in life just change a person. This was one of them. The entire operation is very well orchestrated. Food: outstanding. Staff & crew: outstanding. Seeing great white sharks up close in their natural environment: beyond amazing!

I can’t thank the entire crew of Horizon Charters enough. Safety is paramount. At no time did I feel concerned about my safety. As someone who has never even been scuba diving, I was a bit anxious about getting into a cage with white sharks. That anxiety was quickly put to rest by our outstanding dive master. Just a first class organization!

The only negative thing is that the trip came to an end. My head and heart are still in Guadalupe Island 3 days later. I will be returning with my wife and maybe a few other couples.

Simply put, it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. These words and 5 stars don’t even scratch the surface of the incredible experience. Book with Horizon Charters immediately and be forever changed!