Guadalupe Island The BEST Great White Shark Habitat

Guadalupe island cage diving

Guadalupe Island The BEST Great White Shark Habitat

Great white sharks are predatory oceanic nomads, and the white sharks we have been encountering at Guadalupe Island since 2000 undertake long migrations,  returning to the same locations year after year. Guadalupe Island great whites aggregate in both coastal bays and remote oceanic areas, so, what makes this long and narrow island called Isla Guadalupe in the middle of the Pacific one of the greatest great white shark habitats on the planet?​

Guadalupe Island Currents, Remoteness, Seals

Guadalupe is a small volcanic island located approximately 210 miles from San Diego, California. Local currents offering cold water rich in nutrients, encourages the production of phytoplankton and attracts both coastal and deep water species, among them the great white sharks. Great white sharks come to Guadalupe to mate and feed on three seal species. Great white sharks can also be found along the East and West coasts of the USA and Canada, South Africa, the Mediterranean Sea, Japan, and Chile. They are global predators but not seen in the numbers we encounter from July-Dec each year at Guadalupe.

Guadalupe Island Topography

Guadalupe Island is 5000 feet high. Topography is a big factor in why Guadalupe Islands is a preferred great white shark habitat. Studies and videos show how great white sharks swim close to the bottom at Guadalupe, camouflaging the white lower part of their body. They look up, monitoring the surface for local seals to attack by surprise and at the same time hunt deep water prey. Due to the topography of Guadalupe, great white sharks can enjoy a variety of prey within a small range, less than 100 meters from the coast of the island.​

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