Guadalupe Island Shark Diving Trip Report #5 August 2018

Guadalupe Island shark cage diving

Guadalupe Island Shark Diving – The BEST!!

I went on one of the Guadalupe Island Shark Diving trips with my father this past summer (2018). It was an absolutely amazing experience from start to finish!

The registration process was incredibly personal–we always received personal phone calls and emails from the organizer to inform us about the trip and gather information from us as well. Before we even arrived in San Diego we felt like we were going to take a trip with old friends.

Once on the boat, the crew was beyond professional and incredibly friendly. Within the first few hours, crew members were already calling us by name. Crew members were also very knowledgeable about the sharks and the island, which added an educational experience to the adventure.

America’s Shark Boat

Even though this is an 80-foot vessel that is set up for functionality, accommodations were surprisingly comfortable–very clean and cozy! And the food! Every meal caused me to eat way too much because everything was fantastic. Breakfast was made to order every morning, which was a lovely personal touch. Shout out to Mark and Shea for being the best chefs on the ocean!

Everything about this trip–the crew, the accommodations, and the sharks (which of course Horizon can’t control, but I believe that they know some secrets)–was awesome! I can’t possibly recommend it more.

– Lauren B Shark Diver