Guadalupe Island Shark Diving Trip Report #4 August 2018

Guadalupe island white shark cage diving

Guadalupe Island Bucket List Shark Diving

This has been on my bucket list FOREVER. Being in SoCal I always figured I would just do the San Francisco trip and save some money. I found myself with a couple weeks off, some extra cash, and an itch. In the middle of booking the San Fran trip I decided to double check TripAdvisor and so glad I did. It looks like the sharks do not visit San Fran anymore and the main company is just taking people’s money left and right. Disappointed, I decided to just see other options. There was a last minute cancellation that opened up that gave me the opportunity of a life time (usually you need to book up months in advance)

I just jumped right on it and WOW! Life changing! Worth every single penny.

Trip Break Down 
Leave SD on boat around 11PM / Midnight.
Hit Ensenada by boat (you never leave the boat) around 6 am
Arrive at Isla Guadalupe around midnight
Get ready to dive the next morning around 730 AM.
2 1/2 days of UH-Mazing
another long boat ride back.

Pro Tips 
Sea Sick Rx Patch – GET IT. Life saving. Put it on right before you get on the boat (wash your hands immediately after..ask crew about stories about people who didn’t)
You will over pack – seriously you only need like a pair of trunks, a couple t-shirts, regular shorts, maybe a light jacket, lights pants and socks if you’re the cold type.
Snacks only if you’re super healthy type. I packed tons of snacks because I’m a snacker…did not eat a single one. They provide so much food and snacks. If you’re on a strict diet, you may want to bring some of you special Whole Foods whatevs. Bunks are small. Not much you can do but a fav pillow may help. Tip the crew. Horizon Charter crew is the best. Not only super informative, personable but also hilarious. The entire group was laughing the entire time.

Things I like about the Horizon over other Guadalupe charters

1. They’re the only ones that have you leave from the US. All others have you bus into Mexico. No need for long border lines, crowded busses, etc.
2. They truly care about the sharks and divers. Those scary videos and stories that you hear and see online, the Horizon hasn’t been involved in any of that. But the other charters have been featured about their mistakes (cut air hoses, sharks in the cage, etc). Horizon even custom made their own cages with rounded edges, protecting the sharks. Other charters aren’t investing in that, they are investing in hot tubs, wifi, etc.
3. A crew that truly cares. Each deck hand goes above and beyond to make your stay comfortable. Our master diver (Lalo) travels back and forth from South Africa and San Diego doing this. He has seen it all and more and loves these sharks. Patrick has a masters in hatcheries/fisheries and knows a ton about marine life. Even with all that experience, they were still quick to offer to pick up our plates, carry our bags, and not lift a finger. Exceptional service.
4. There’s a reason why Discovery Channel (Shark Week) and Travel Channel folks (Kinga) books Horizon for their research and has a relationship with the scientists on the island.
5. Hands down the best food!!!!
6. Everyone is equal. Everyone was treated with respect and each person felt welcomed and answered every question we had both serious and silly.

– Anothony L Shark Diver