Guadalupe Island Shark Diving Trip Report #2 August 2018

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Guadalupe Island Shark Diving Trip Report #2 August 2018

Interesting first day at Guadalupe island yesterday- we had all four seasons in one day. We saw a pod of bottlenose dolphins swim close to shore, some turtles by the boat and of course the main attraction– The White Shark!!! We got sharks first thing in the morning and saw 11 different individuals thru out the day but the main star of the day was Drogin – rushing up from the depths and given us quite the show with his half breaches from mid morning until late afternoon.

I spent 2 hours in the water with the clients on the first rotation, and we were all in awe of his speed and ability to appear out of the blue with his rushing tactics. He definitely kept Crew members Will and Frank on their toes but they were no match for him as he continued to do what white sharks do best. The surprise sneak attack from below. It was an amazing first day of diving .

Day Two Shark Diving

Today, the 2nd day of diving is much calmer with 2 new individuals to add to the list- the bigger male has just been circling the boat for the past couple of hours, giving everyone in the cage some nice up close sightings. We are currently busy with everyone on their 3rd cage rotation of the day.

It truly is amazing how every day offers a different experience out here at the island. One more day to go, 13 white sharks so far and 16 happy divers from The Scuba Shop Mesa, Arizona.

Happy sharking,

Lalo Saidy
White Shark Guide/ Dive Instructor