Guadalupe Island Shark Diving Trip Report #1 August 2018

America’s Shark Boat Trip Report 

It’s OFFICIAL our first white shark trip of the season is at #Guadalupeisland with a full load of newly minted SHARK DIVERS.
Trip Report August 3, 2018
It was a great crossing to Guadalupe yesterday, our arrival past Shark Fin Rock to celebrate season #18 had divers, crew, and myself cheering. It’s good to be back at the old shark stomping grounds.
So, are you ready for the first days trip report?
Today we had…15 different animals. Males, females, big, small we got it all. Vis 100, Water 73. Not bad for our first day one of our divers called it “The Real Sharknado.”
Looking forward to tomorrow, and the next day, but I think everyone got what they were looking for on Day One – EPIC!!!
Captain Spencer on America’s Shark Boat