Guadalupe Island Shark Diving Price | Information & Specials

guadalupe island shark cage diving

#1 Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island Prices?

There are three things you need to know about shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island. We have been shark cage diving here for the past 20 years, and these are the things that most interest our shark divers before they book. Let’s dive!

All inclusive low, low, low shark cage diving expedition pricing featuring spectacular great white shark diving trips are all inclusive.

There are no hidden extras to worry about including all meals and snacks prepared by our chef. All beverages including beer and wine, because what is the end of a day with ten white sharks, but a sunset beverage serenaded by seals that call to you in the rocks nearby?

All dive equipment including wetsuits and masks, and weights. Shark diving Guadalupe Island permits and Mexican Visas. You do not want to get hit with extras on your next shark diving trip, book with a cage diving vessel that puts all your costs up front, so you can ENJOY your shark diving!

America’s Shark Boat 2020 and 2021 – $2,795 USD!

#2 Non-Diver Shark Cage Diving in Mexico?

Non-divers do not need to be superhuman to cage dive with the oceans top predator. With a professional shark diving crew you can get the same adrenaline thrill from white sharks that certified divers do. Since 2000, swimming with sharks has become high on travelers’ around the globe and America’s Shark Boat specializes in taking non-certified divers into the world of the great white shark. Certified divers have long had their shark moments thanks to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors — in conjunction with the Project AWARE Foundation, PADI offers divers several specialty courses to get up close and personal with sharks. Non-divers have been waiting for theirs…until now with Shark Diving For Everyone.

#3 Guadalupe Liveaboard Options for Women?

Women shark divers have been trending at Guadalupe since 2005. What was once thought of as almost exclusively a male dominated sport has seen a rise in interest from women around the world and America’s Shark Boat is here to help. For the best Guadalupe liveaboard option choose America’s Shark Boat. Our staff have been running operations at Guadalupe Island the longest, and we cater exclusively to shark diving women from around the world. Your adventure is our adventure and we’ll do what it takes to ensure your next cage diving adventure is safe, well informed, and exciting!

You can buy with confidence on America’s Shark Boat the MV Horizon.

Since 1982 we have made a name for ourselves offering world-class great white shark adventures and scuba charters at great pricing. Let’s dive!