Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Diving Frequently Asked Questions

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Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Diving Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past 17 years at Guadalupe Island we have fielded every question there is about shark cage diving with great white sharks. We know a thing or two about cage diving because we have seen a thing or two out there. If you’re planning your next shark diving expedition to the island here are the most frequently asked cage diving questions.

If you don’t see them answered here call us at 619-881-7561 and we’ll be happy to chat with you. We are America’s Shark Boat!

When is the best time to go to cage diving at Guadalupe Island?

Guadalupe white sharks come to the island each year in two distinct waves. Early in the season June through early September we encounter and cage dive with mostly sub adult male white sharks. These sharks have not yet fully sexually matured and are very frisky in the warm waters of the early shark season. As the shark season progresses that waters cool a few degrees and the sexually mature males and females dominate the seascape. To see a 20 foot female white shark we named Deep Blue in 2015 swim by your shark cage in October is to experience a life changing event!

Is shark diving guaranteed at Guadalupe Island?

100% yes. Other operations at Guadalupe Island will not guarantee sharks for you. Why? They say something like, “when working with wild animals in their natural environment, it is impossible to guarantee either favorable weather conditions or the desired animal encounters.” We think that’s balderdash, so we’re the ONLY shark cage diving vessel at Guadalupe Island that offers a 100% guarantee. If you fail to see a single great white shark while cage diving with us, you get a FREE trip back (good for two years). Sounds good? We think so too. 

Do I need to be scuba certified to cage dive with great white sharks?

No, you do not need to be scuba certified to participate in our trips. We pioneered cage diving for everyone at Guadalupe Island. Your air is supplied from the deck of the boat via a “hookah” system, so you do not wear a tank on your back in the cage. It’s an easy system that takes minutes to master, and you’ll always have a qualified shark diver operations staff on the back deck to help you out during all your shark dives with us.

 White shark baiting at Guadalupe Island?

All shark diving vessels at Isla Guadalupe use hang baits to attract sharks. We invented and pioneered the practice in 2000 when we were the first vessel to cage dive at this unique and special shark diving location. Shark wranglers are expected to follow proper bait procedures set forth by the Mexican Navy to ensure the safety of the sharks and the divers and we adhere to this by the letter. 

Water temps and wetsuits at Guadalupe Island?

On America’s Shark Boat all our divers get complimentary wetsuits to dive in as water temps at the island range from is 65-75 degrees. Visibility is generally over 100+ feet, except when currents pull in shallow water from the coast.

have you ever had weather delays? And then what happens?

If your trip is delayed or cancelled due to weather, and it has happened twice over the 17 years we have been cage diving at Guadalupe, we will reschedule you to the next available trip that season or give you a gift certificate good for two years to return. Your shark diving dollars are safe with us. YOU WILL go cage diving with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island!

Just how safe is white shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island?

We care about the great white shark population at Guadalupe Island. To date we have recorded over 230 different animals so first priority is the safety of our sharks. You get white shark safety by ensure shark diver safety and adhering to set guidelines for shark baiting. Over the past 17 shark seasons (longer than ANY vessel at Guadalupe) we have never had an accident and no sharks have been harmed – ever. Safety briefings are provided by our US based and US trained shark diving crews, and we follow strict safety measures during each dive.

Do I need a passport to cage dive in Mexico?

The simple answer is, yes. You must have a valid passport and a copy needs to be provided prior to your trip. 

How old do you have to be to cage dive with white sharks?

We accept shark divers and soon to be shark divers as young as 12 with an adult guardian. Some exceptions can be made to the rule but call us first to discuss we’re here to help 619-881-7561.

Our shark divers must be in good physical condition and able to climb in and out of our shark cages while wearing a weight belt. Heart disease, diabetes, or asthma may require physician’s approval in order to safely go cage diving ay Guadalupe. Although our maximum weight limit is 250lbs, we can make accommodations for individuals weighing more than this. Contact us for details 619-881-7561.

Shark diving trip insurance, do I need it?

Shark cage diving in remote locations come with a need for trip insurance and you should get it. If your expedition is cancelled, dive and trip insurance will cover the cost of your trip. Think about it before you book or call us with additional questions at 619-881-7561.

Private shark cage diving or group charters at Guadalupe Island?

Private charters are our specialty to date we have hosted close to 1500 divers who have book private charters with us to cage dive at Guadalupe Island. It’s economical, exciting and once in a lifetime adventure for the entire family, corporate retreat, and film and tv. Call us at 619-881-7561 for group shark diving special pricing and availability.

What if I have more questions?

Really? More!? We are America’s Shark Boat and we stand ready to make your next shark cage diving adventure memorable. Please feel free to call us at 619-881-7561.