Guadalupe Island Destination Guide for Women Shark Divers | Information

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Guadalupe Island is famous for the most feared fish in the ocean, the great white shark, and women divers from around the world are joining America’s Shark Boat to experience close encounters with this fabled shark. It’s a growing trend that we have seen over the past decade of shark diving. Women are the latest, and growing, addition to what was once a male dominated sport.

Getting to Guadalupe Island Destination Guide

Shark divers arrive in sunny San Diego, California to join America’s Shark Boat. With direct departures from San Diego, we do not require our divers to take busses into Mexico, safety is our top priority at sea and on land as well. From San Diego it’s a day’s boat ride (18 hours) to Guadalupe Island. Sea-sickness can be an issue, so bring your meds. Ginger soft chews and herbal teas work well if you’re feeling under the weather.

What’s the diving like at Guadalupe Island?

There are set cage rotations, with all shark divers taking turns going into the cages. Expect from 3-4 45-minute cage dives per day. We choose to make set rotations so everyone gets to shark dive. During non cage diving you can take adbacamge of waring soups, and snacks in the galley served all day long. Even though you only see great white sharks, these trips are never boring. There’s an incredible amount of adrenalin pumping every time you are in the cage. Almost all of the time at Guadalupe Island you’ll see white sharks going by your shark cage.

Types of shark cages?

For extra added safety America’s Shark Boat only offers surface cages. Some operators use drop down cages requiring divers to have extra scuba certification. Surface shark cage systems are tied off to the boat, and float on the surface. The cage is entered from the swimstep of the boat. You are on a hookah, with a max depth of 5-10ft. For non divers and newly certified divers this is the safest way to encounter 18 foot great white sharks.

Best time to go to Guadalupe Island to see great white sharks

August to October is the best time to go to Guadalupe Island to cage diving with these amazing animals. We will be celebrating our 18th season this year and have some special shark cage diving adventures lined up.

Shark cage diving water temperatures

Expect water temps in the 60’s, and on America’s Shark Boat your own personal a 7mm suit is provided free of charge. Because you are not swimming, but remaining still in a cage, the water will seem colder than normal.

Guadalupe liveaboard options for women

Women are smashing down the doors to participate in action sports like shark cage diving. They are challenging the masculine tradition and creating new opportunities in the shark diving space. While shark diving may seem like a different beast from traditional action sports, America’s Shark Boat welcomes inroads made in all male dominated sport arenas, change is happening in our sport and we welcome it!.

For the best Guadalupe liveaboard option choose America’s Shark Boat. Our staff have been running operations at Guadalupe Island the longest, and we cater to shark diving women from around the world. Your adventure is our adventure and we’ll do what it takes to ensure your next cage diving adventure is safe, well informed, and exciting! Let’s dive!