Guadalupe Island Cage Diving With Sharks

Guadalupe island cage diving

Diving With Sharks at Isla Guadalupe

Guadalupe cage diving with great white sharks happen from July to December each year since 2000 when we first discovered sharks at this island. The peak season is July to November. The best time to go diving with sharks at Guadalupe depends on what kind of great white sharks you want to encounter:

  • Younger male white sharks arrive in July and August and stay until October
  • September and October is a mix of male and much bigger female sharks
  • Huge female sharks arrive in October and November for the Time of the Titans

Where is Guadalupe Island Located?

Guadalupe Island is a volcanic island 210 miles off the coast of San Diego, California off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. It is the world’s premier destination for cage diving with great white sharks and offers incredible dive conditions, typical water clarity extends past 100+ feet from your shark cages.

Getting to Isla Guadalupe

America’s Shark Boat boards our guests in San Diego, Ca at H and M Landing, with no busses into Mexico ever. Other vessels force divers into long bus rides across the border twice where you have to disembark with all your gear and walk through customs before getting back on your bus. The vessel crossing to Guadalupe takes around 24 hours each way.

Do I Have To Be Diver Certified?

You do not need to be a certified diver to go cage diving with sharks at Guadalupe Island. We designed the first surface cages are open for divers and non-divers where 99% of the shark action occurs.

Water Temps at Guadalupe Island

Unlike other cage diving destinations, the water at Guadalupe is relatively warm and you can spend plenty of time in the cage without getting cold.

  • Water temperature 19 to 22 °C (66 – 71 °F)

If you want to cage dive with great white sharks this is your year. Join us on America’s Shark Boat we would love to introduce you to your first great white shark in person!