Guadalupe Island Cage Diving Tripadvisor Reviews

guadalupe cage diving

Guadalupe Island Cage Diving Tripadvisor Reviews

Beyond Belief Shark Diving

Diving with great white sharks has been on the top of my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I never thought I would be able to do it because I thought it only happened off the coast of Australia or South Africa. When I found out about Horizon Charters and diving off Guadalupe Island, I immediately booked.

From start to finish it was beyond my expectations in every way. Thanks to COVID and a new job, I had to move my trip twice. Patric was very easy to work with and, throughout the entire process, he communicated regularly and was happy to answer any questions.

The crew of the Horizon are pros and really good guys. Captain Spencer, Cary, John, Johnny, Brandon, Lalo, and Willy were all welcoming, helpful and a blast to hang with for the week.

The sharks. Words really can’t express what you see at Guadalupe Island. The numbers and sizes of sharks we saw was beyond anything I ever imagined. From a 5 1/2 foot juvenile male to an 18′ female that was likely 50 years old, we saw everything in between. It was truly an incredible experience and the most memorable adventure I’ve ever taken.

If you’re not sure, get off the fence and into the cage!

Kudos, Horizon crew!