Guadalupe Island Cage Diving 101 How To Cage Dive

cage diving with great white sharks

Guadalupe Island Cage Diving 101 How To Cage Dive

So you decided to pull the trigger on the greatest shark show on earth and YOU’RE going cage diving at the famed Guadalupe Island, now what?

The MV Horizon has been cage diving safely at this pristine shark location since 2000 when we first pioneered this shark site. We anchorage is in a sheltered bay called Point Norte next to the very volcanic (still active) Guadalupe Island where your cage diving shark encounters will take place in crystal clear blue water with visibility of up to 150 feet.

We’ll be here for almost 3 full days where shark divers will rotate entering our shark cages every hour while usually encountering several sharks during each dive.

  • All shark dives are done from specially designed shark cages with surface supplied air source or hookah.
  • 2 surface cages:  4 guests rotate in and out every 60 minutes.
  • Equipment is supplied on all expeditions mask, booties, gloves, hood and a 7 mm wetsuit.
  • The average water temperature is 69°F
  • Non divers are welcome.
  • All meals and snacks and beer and wine is provided.
  • All departures are from San Diego, no busses into Mexico – ever!

We are looking forward to meeting you at Guadalupe Island – want to learn more?