Guadalupe Island 2021 Cage Diving Update COVID19

Cage diving at Isla guadalupe

Guadalupe Island 2021 Updates – We Are Back!

Isla Guadalupe aka Guadalupe Island, is our favorite volcanic island shark cage diving located off Baja. Guadalupe Island became known to scuba divers 21 years ago when we first discovered white sharks here and offers up THE BEST cage diving with great white sharks anywhere on the planet.

Getting to Guadalupe Island & Cage Diving Guadalupe

Guadalupe Island is 210 miles away from the coast and the only way to cage dive there is via liveaboard out of San Diego, Ca. Our vessel departs from San Diego, and runs 5-day expeditions with 3 days of amazing shark cage diving. We not not force our divers into long and tedious bus rides down the Mexican coast- ever! The 2021 Guadalupe Island cage diving season runs from August to December, when the sharks are at peak numbers. August and September feature the calmest conditions and most white sharks per expedition, while you can expect much bigger sharks in October through December.

COVID19 2021 Vaccines and More

2020 was a tough year for shark divers waiting to encounter great white sharks at Guadalupe Island. In the end the Mexican Gov shut down the entire 2020 cage diving season as COVID19 rates skyrocketed across the US and the globe. The GOOD NEWS is we now have a series of vaccines that are coming for 2021 which means that 2021 will be back in business cage diving on our 21st season at this remote and pristine shark site.

The history of Guadalupe Island is one of a changing island and landscape. Guadalupe Island was a major destination for Russian and American fur hunters seeking the Guadalupe fur seal in the 18th and 19th centuries, until they nearly went completely extinct by 1844. The northern elephant seal was also hunted for the oil in its blubber, but managed to survive and the seals remain today. The island has been a nature conservancy area since 1928, making it one of the oldest reserves in Mexico.

America’s Shark Boat has been taking shark divers and regular scuba divers to Guadalupe Island since 1995. We know the island well and we’re THRILLED to be offering 21+ years of experience and shark adventures in 2021 to our shark diving family.

Are YOU Ready to Go Cage Diving?

Great white shark cage diving expeditions to encounters the great white sharks have been available since 2000 and continue to this day with Horizon Charters. Only Guadalupe Island has shark cage diving in amazing crystal clear water with up to 150 foot visibility. We have identified close to 400 unique great white sharks at the island and they will be there for you to discover in 2021. Join us today!