Guadalupe Island 2021 Cage Diving Expedition Report

shark cage diving

An Unforgettable Shark Diving Experience!

Cage Diving Expedition Report #4 August 13-18 Trip Report. Spencer & Cary, Shark Whisperer Lalo, Chef Shea, John, and Patric were the best! They took care of all our needs. You wouldn’t have known they were down a crew member, who had a family emergency. Family First tells a lot about their character. We have the utmost respect for them!

Horizon Charters Onboard Meals and Snacks

Food was delicious! Full breakfast every morning…eggs, bacon, sausage, homefries, pancakes or french toast. Lunch…sandwiches, stir fry, burgers, salads. Dinner…ribs, steak, fresh fish, pasta. Desserts…cookies, ice cream, cheesecake, chocolate cake. You can have as little or as much as you want. Snacks in between meals. They will accommodate you in every way. You can bring your own water bottle/travel mug but they do have mugs for you to use.
We weren’t taking any chances with sea sickness. We took Bonine, MotionEaze drops, patches for motion sickness. We did not get sick. The travel to the Island was long and rocky. The return was smoother. All is calm when you reach the Island. We did not take any sea sickness meds during anchor.
All bathroom/shower facilities and the boat were always clean! The bunk beds were bigger than we expected. We could have both slept in one.

Packing for Guadalupe Island Cage Diving

Definitely overpacked for cage diving! We read reviews of overpacking and we still did it. Lol! You don’t need much, We stayed in wetsuits until the last dive, pulling down around the waist on breaks. One or two bathing suits, a swimsuit cover up, change of clothes for evening after the shower, and light jacket are all the clothes you need. Events and adventures in Bend, Oregon 10+ different sharks. Water was a beautiful blue color with great visibility. It was so much fun to watch the sharks! There is absolutely no fear. You are completely safe and in awe of these amazing creatures swimming by you…looking at you!
We did a Great White Cage Dive in South Africa in 2012 with Lalo. It was great to see him again! He is very knowledgeable and you definitely feel his passion for Great Whites! He is very inspirational.
We highly recommend this Great White Shark Expedition! We would most definitely book with Horizon Charters again!
Thank you,
Kelly Rudy & Kent Manbeck