Guadalupe Great White Shark Mysteries and Misconceptions

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Guadalupe Island Great White Sharks Misconceptions and Mysteries

1. Guadalupe great white sharks can sleep while swimming?

While it is true that most species of sharks have to keep swimming forward to breathe, it is also true that great white sharks at Guadalupe Island can sleep while they swim at the same time.!

2. Great white sharks only feed once a month?

It is true that a great white shark can only eat once a month and that white sharks are masters at energy conservation, although recent tagging data at Guadalupe island suggests these sharks feed at least three times a week on endemic Guadalupe Fur Seals.

3. Are great white sharks dangerous to humans?

Guadalupe great whites have a fearsome reputation, when it comes to shark bites, they’re actually not the worst shark to get bitten by as they bite cleanly and then let go. Bull sharks and Tiger sharks, on the other hand, tend to shake their heads around once they’ve bitten into something, which can leave severe tissue damage.

4. Where do Guadalupe white sharks go off season?

This is the enduring mystery at Guadalupe island. Since 2000 when we were the first shark boat to ever cage dive here that has been the biggest mystery yet. We know some of our sharks migrate as far as the Oregon coast and into the mid pacific region but WHAT they do here is the mystery that time and next generation sat tags will tell us.

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