Guadalupe Cage Diving Time of The Titans Shark Diving

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Guadalupe Cage Diving Time of The Titans Shark Diving

Isla Guadalupe has two shark cage diving seasons. For those shark divers “in the know” this small volcanic island is 240 km (149 mi) west of the Mexican landmark Baja, California hosts the LARGEST white sharks in the Pacific each November.

Isla Guadalupe is the most well-known meeting point for the world’s largest predator: Carcharodon carcharias, the great white shark, and November the waters part to reveal giant 18+ foot females females during “The Time of The Titans.”

About Guadalupe Island AKA Isla Guadalupe

About 350+ great white sharks visit the island each season, of which 225 are known individuals that we have been naming since 2000 when we first discovered Guadalupe. Shark cage diving is done by an air supply that comes from the MV Horizon using air hoses on a regulator in surface cages.

Our shark cages meet the latest and most advanced standards from shark research and meet strict U.S. safety requirements. Unlike Mexican vessels the MV Horizon is Coast Guard certified each year and your safety at the highest level is required and guaranteed.

Shark diving cages at Guadalupe Island can accommodate up to 4 people. Social club in Bend hourly shark diver swap outs happen in each cage to maximise your shark cage diving time and the great whites can be experienced as often and as close as possible. Expect up to three animals are circling around your cage at the same time on a good day at Guadalupe Island during the Time of The Titans.

Want To Go Cage Diving?

It’s okay to be a little nervous — but you don’t need to be. cage diving is safe and exciting and we have been industry leaders for the past 20 years at Guadalupe Island. Book us today and let’s go shark diving!