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guadalupe island shark cage diving

Guadalupe Cage Diving Schedule | Great White Sharks Expeditions | Cage Diver Tours

Guadalupe cage diving offers the best white shark adventures on the planet bar none. The great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) is also known as the white pointer, and white shark it is the largest predatory shark alive in the ocean today and a descendant of Megalodon. The species is officially protected in Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Maldives and the United States.

Cage Diving With Great Whites, About Guadalupe Island, Mexico

The island of Guadalupe lies some 210 miles off the coast of California and 160 miles off Baja California in open ocean water that has over 100 feet of visibility. The temperature averages 65° to 72° F. Guadalupe island is a semi active volcano rising up from the ocean bed aver 1000 feet down. Getting to the island on America’s Shark Boat takes roughly 22hrs from our home port at H and M Landing in San Diego, Ca.

Underwater White Shark Videos and Cameras at Guadalupe

Cage diving and filming white sharks can be a challenge, so we suggest you bring a Go Pro 10, professional photographers are welcome and the crew will make every effort to accommodate your needs as well as provide fresh water for your camera rig. Guadalupe island cage diving provides the best underwater shots of white shark bar none. The water visibility is generally excellent 100+ feet on most days.  Cameras can be used when cage diving, but smaller is better. The leeward side of Guadalupe island is where we conduct shark cage diving operations each day. Expect sunny skies on most days before 9:00 am, after 3:00 pm or if the boat is anchored in a position where the island blocks the sun.

About Guadalupe Island Great White Sharks

Guadalupe island white sharks are the same species found worldwide along continental edges of all temperate seas and can be found on a regular basis in tropical and semi-tropical waters as well. The most abundant and well-known populations appear off the southern coast of Australia (Jan-May), near South Africa (Dec-Feb), and along the western coast of North America, including California and Mexico (Aug-Nov).

Adult Guadalupe white sharks like, Lucy, Zapata, Shredder, Deep Blue and others feed on pinnipeds such as Guadalupe Fur Seals. The largest individual great white shark at Guadalupe island observed is Deep Blue and she has been measured at 20 feet in length, weighing close to 8000 lbs!

Breeding Guadalupe Island White Sharks

Females Guadalupe island great white sharks give birth to between seven and nine live pups and are thought to produce only four to six litters in an entire lifetime. They reach sexual maturity after 12 years. Guadalupe island great white sharks are cautious hunters. After inflicting an initial wound, the shark will often retreat and wait for the victim to weaken or die, over the past 19 seasons at Guadalupe island we have witnessed over a dozen shark attacks on seals at the island.

Guadalupe Island, it’s simply Shark Diving Heaven – Book today!