GUADALUPE CAGE DIVING: Everything You Need to Know

cage diving with great white sharks

GUADALUPE CAGE DIVING: Everything You Need to Know

Great white sharks at Guadalupe island are THE apex predator, sitting at the top of the food chain on a remote island off Mexico’s Baja. Growing up to 6 meters in length and weighing up to 2 tonnes when fully grown, like our very own Deep Blue, they are a thrilling shark to encounter and very popular to cage dive with at the island we discovered back in 2000, 22 exciting years ago.

Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Guadalupe island has become  the premier destination for great white shark cage diving in crystal clear, warm, blue water. It is a remote volcanic island off the west coast of Mexico and is part of a protected area. Guadalupe cage diving offers cage diving trips during the main season of July to December and focus solely on diving with great white sharks.

The water temperature during the season is 66 Fahrenheit to 71 Fahrenheit and the visibility is spectacular; ranging from 125 to 150 feet.

Cage Diving With Sharks For Less

Cage diving with great white sharks sharks is rewarding for divers and non divers alike. A cage provides security for swimmers lacking confidence and for those inexperienced on the open ocean, or nervous of swimming with sharks. Cage dives are a great introduction to open ocean diving and being around sharks and America’s Shark Boat offers the best cage diving at Guadalupe Island for less.

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