Guadalupe Cage Diving Best Value, Departures from San Diego, California

All Inclusive Cage Diving From San Diego

Guadalupe Island  is THE best white shark diving destination in the USA. For many divers seeking face to face encounters with huge great white sharks their voyage begins trying to decide what vessel to go on, for divers on America’s Shark Boat the choice is clear.

Bussing Into Mexico?

You’ll note that, without exception, operators who force divers to bus into Mexico ALL say they board in San Diego. They do not. America’s Shark Boat is the ONLY shark diving operation and US Coast Guard approved vessel to board their lucky divers at H&M Landing in San Diego minutes from the International Airport.

All Inclusive Shark Cage Diving?

This is where America’s Shark Boat shines. No one wants to be handed an ADDITIONAL bill for drinks, permits, bus rides, and extras at the end of a dive trip – ever! We founded our shark diving operation on one stop shop pricing, with the exception of a tip for the crew (not necessary but appreciated) once you book with us – that’s it – you’re shark diving!

Guaranteed Great White Sharks?

Does your shark boat guarantee great white sharks? We do or you get a FREE trip back!

Best Value For Money?

When you choose America’s Shark Boat you get a US based shark crew who go the extra mile to ensure your trip is everything you hoped it would be. You get a US Coast Guard Approved liveaboard vessel. You get all inclusive meals and drinks (beer and wine included). You get vessel boardings and departures from San Diego, Ca.

You get America’s Shark Boat at $3895 per diver all inclusive!

Book Today and Save!

Great white shark encounters at Guadalupe Island are nothing short of spectacular. It’s simply the best destination in the world to see lots of sharks on a consistent basis in beautiful aqua blue water with 125 foot or greater visibility. We have a few spaces left this season you can take an ADDITIONAL $200  off with code save200 when you book. Let’s dive!