Great White Sharks: Guadalupe Island

Guadalupe Island, Mexico

210 miles off the coast of San Diego, Guadalupe Island is remote, pristine and the world’s BEST cage diving location. The cage diving experience here is done in crystal-clear water surrounded by the Pacifics top ocean predators. At Guadalupe Island you’ll always be protected by a cage while you are immersed underwater. Since 2000 we have tracked over 360 Great Whites that visit Guadalupe Island each year from Aug-Dec so buckle up and get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

Our Great Whites return to the island in late July and November for the best shark diving experience, come and join us.

Great White Sharks an Introduction

Great White sharks are the top ocean predator in the Pacific, a fun fact are your chances of being attacked by any species of shark is a mere 1 in 3.7 million. In fact, you are far more likely to be killed by a cow, a meteorite, or by being struck by lightning.

Great White sharks occur globally, and can be found in coastal and offshore waters that range between 53 – 75°F. Greater densities of Great Whites congregate in fairly specific locations around the world, giving you the best opportunity to scuba dive with these majestic creatures. Ready to go cage diving?