Great White Sharks at Guadalupe Island | What You Need to Know

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Great White Sharks at Mexico’s Guadalupe Island 

Great white shark cage diving season at Guadalupe Island is from late July through November each and every year. America’s Shark Boat is celebrating our 19th shark diving season this year and so far the sharks are like clockwork. Satellite tagging and tracking, in place since 2005, has revealed white shark migrations to and from the island, spending much of their time in the open ocean between Hawaii and California when not at Guadalupe each season.

White Shark Sex, is That Even a Thing?

In the Mexican waters in and around Guadalupe Island the number of male sharks, which are smaller in size 10-15 feet, peaks July to September. These younger males are waiting for the larger breeding aged females to arrive later in the season and spend two months sizing each other up. Sometime this involves combat and actual bites. Males not able to breed leave the area later in the season. September through November sees the arrival of mature female sharks, some up to 18-20 feet long. Deep Blue is the rock star if the island and was spotted this year in Oahu where in water cageless encounters with her broke the Internet for a time.

Getting to Guadalupe Island on America’s Shark Boat

Getting there: All white shark cage diving expeditions begin and end in San Diego, California where the MV Horizon is berthed at H and M Landing. Take a direct flight to San Diego, ideally the day before the departure of your trip, with an overnight discount stay at San Diego’s Holiday Inn Bayside located minutes from our vessel.

BEST Value Shark Diving: Most Guadalupe cage diving expeditions are booked up to a year in advance. Single diver 5 day all inclusive rates range are just $2999 per person. All you need to bring is a toothbrush and 5 days worth of clothes America’s Shark Boat provides the rest including beer and wine! Trips are rarely canceled, but if they are due to storms or hurricanes, your dive trip with us is automatically moved to another year, we deliver sharks, not disappointment!

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No prior scuba experience is necessary if you cage dive at Guadalupe island.Water temperatures range from around 60-70 degrees, so a 5- to 7-millimeter full wetsuit is provided, along with boots, gloves and a hood. Like we said – we are all inclusive!

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