Great White Shark Diving | Guadalupe, Mexico 2019

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Guadalupe Island Great White Shark Cage Diving 2019

Guadalupe Island is a rocky and extinct volcanic island, 17 miles (25 km) long, north to south, and 6 miles wide, with several islets dotting its coastline. The island itself has a population of just over 200 people, fishermen and Navy personnel. But it is its population of 10,000+ Guadalupe fur seals(Arctocephalus townsendi) – their only major breeding site – and northern elephant seals (Mirounga angustirostris) that attract the sharks and shark divers from all over the world to cage diving on America’s Shark Boat.

Best Shark Cage Diving

The volcanic island of Guadalupe has some of the best shark cage diving in the world due to clear waters and consistent sightings. It’s important to realize that there are no other dive sites as such around Guadalupe. The dive locations are based on where the liveaboards lower their cages.

It’s not easy choosing a dive liveaboard, and it’s even more important to choose the right one for sighting great white sharks. America’s Shark Boat has been shark cage diving at Guadalupe island for the past 19 years!

Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Expeditions in 2019

Join us in 2019 as we head back to Isla de Guadalupe, for our 19th shark diving season during what’s known as “The Best Great White Shark Diving on the Planet“. Get ready for up close encounters with these gigantic and beautiful apex predators in crystal clear blue water with visibility regularly reaching upwards of 100+ feet.

Great White Shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island are nothing short of spectacular. Located a 16 hours sail from San Diego, it is simply the best destination in the world for calm, clear water and multiple shark encounters per day. The sheer number of sharks in the bay where we dive is just amazing. Guadalupe is home to at least 241 individually identified great whites and we are still counting. On many dives, we see two, three, or more great whites in the same dive!

Join America’s Shark Boat later in the season to catch the arrival of the big sharks during the “Time of the Titans.” In October each year massive females begin to arrive at Point Norte, including the famous Deep Blue – the largest great white ever caught on camera at over 20+ feet long. Witnessing the sheer size and strength of these amazing queens of the ocean as they elegantly move through the water is breathtaking. Let’s dive!