Guadalupe White Shark Cage Diving Packages & Tours For Non Divers

Guadalupe Island shark cage diving

When it comes to cage diving with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island, Mexico, face to face encounters with the oceans top predator are not for the faint of heart – or only certified scuba divers!. For non certified divers who love sharks, floating in a shark cage with up to seven white sharks on the other side of the bars is a big tick on their bucket list…and America’s Shark Boat is here to help.

Guadalupe Island Cage Diving, Non Diver Shark Diving

Shark cage diving should be the most exhilarating experience of your life. Encountering sharks so large and powerful that your imagination doesn’t give you justice. As a non certified diver you’ll want to make sure you have chosen the right shark cage diving company, one with years of experience and one that treats non certified divers as they would a certified well traveled diver or professional underwater photographer. Look for:

  1. Good vessel value, shark cage diving that doesn’t break the bank.
  2. Professional shark diving crew with at least 10 years (we’re celebrating 18 years) on location.
  3. Safety record with no accidents between sharks and cages – ever!

If you do you liveaboard vessel research you’ll be lucky to get the chance to cage dive with white sharks at Guadalupe Island in Mexico. Here you’ll discover a location and a vessel that caters exclusively to non certified divers offering large cages, comfortable liveaboard accommodations, great food, a friendly helpful shark diving crew and the once in a lifetime experience of being in close quarters with huge great white sharks!

The Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Revolution

Shark cage diving at Guadalupe island was discovered and pioneered by America’s Shark Boat the MV Horizon in 2000. Over the many years we have operated continuously here we have learned more about our jagged-tooth friends than anyone. To date we have documented over 240 seasonal white sharks that visit Guadalupe Island from August through December, and we is now regarded as the BEST cage diving liveaboard for non certified divers.

America’s Shark Boat at Guadalupe Island, Mexico

For the past 19 years we have been creating shark divers (4000 to date) and today, Guadalupe Island firmly on adrenaline junkies radars all over the world, with thousands of divers, and non divers coming face to fin with sharks each season. With up to 100 feet of visibility and wonderfully warm waters, it’s a cage diving paradise for novices and experts alike. The classic expedition lasts for 5 fin-tastic days, so it’s geared towards non divers with a real passion for great whites.

Join us in 2018 and save $$$ on a guaranteed lowest pricedall inclusive, cage diving charter rate. You could pay a lot more trying to find a liveaboard vessel at Guadalupe island that caters to non divers…but why would you want to? Let’s dive!