Great White Shark Cage Diving Locations USA and Mexico

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Great White Shark Cage Diving Locations USA and Mexico

When it comes to white shark cage diving, there’s only a few choices that actually deliver white sharks. For shark divers great white sharks are the ultimate big tick on the bucket list of shark encounters.

Guadalupe White Shark Diving From San Diego

Over the past 18 years, Guadalupe Island has become a favorite amongst great white cage diving fans, shark researchers and film and tv crews. It’s now acknowledged as one of the top spots in the world to climb into a cage and get face to face with simply giant sharks. With up to 100 feet of visibility and wonderfully warm waters, it’s a cage diving paradise for novices and experts alike. The classic expedition lasts for 5 fin-tastic days, so it’s geared towards those with a real passion for great whites.

When is The Best Time to Go?

August to November are peak white shark cage diving seasons at Guadalupe Island. Trips start from: San Diego, California

Best Guadalupe Island All Inclusive Dive Boat?

America’s Shark Boat MV Horizon has been pioneering shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island since 200o, we are America’s original shark boat!

All About White Sharks at Guadalupe Island

Before you find yourself beneath the sea with a massive great white shark or two, it’s best to do a little homework, first. Great white sharks are some of the most powerful creatures in the world, and they are certainly not to be taken lightly. Remember, when you dive you are on their turf. These gigantic fish can live over 30 years, and newfound information suggests that their life span may be even longer than 70 years.

Great white sharks meander globally, and can be found in coastal and offshore waters that range between 12 – 24°C. Greater densities of great whites congregate in fairly specific locations around the world, giving you the best opportunity to cage dive with these majestic creatures. Book today at Guadalupe Island and save!