Great White Shark Cage Diving in Cancun?

Guadalupe island cage diving

Great White Shark Cage Diving in Cancun?

While some of the dive shops in Cancun say they cage dive with great white sharks out of Playa del Carmen, it is only Guadalupe Island that offers great white shark cage diving in clear blue water with 100 150 foot visibility. In 2000 America’s Shark Boat first discovered great white sharks at this location on the first expedition to cage dive with great white sharks ever at this location. It’s been white shark heaven ever since!

Great White Sharks at Isla Guadalupe

Isla Guadalupe is a volcanic island 210 miles off the west coast of the USA. The island, after 21 years of cage diving operations here, has become THE place in the world to cage dive with great white sharks. The viewing season begins in July/August when young male white sharks begin to arrive and the water temperature is around 75 degrees. Smaller female great white sharks follow towards the end of August. The larger, more dominant, female sharks can be seen towards the end of the season in October/November during a period we call The Time of the Titans.

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Our commitment to showcase the incredible world of great white sharks with a combination of 21 years of cage diving experience, a cage system designed exclusively for non divers, top-notch shark staff and cage diving crews with years of hands on shark experience.

We have been cage diving and naming many of the white sharks you’ll be diving with this year. From the incredible 19+ foot Deep Blue, most likely the largest great white shark in the Pacific, to many of our regular white sharks like Scarboard, Lucy, and Mau. These amazing animals have become more than just whites sharks to us as we encounter them year after year – we met Scarboard 16 years ago – they have become our sharky friends. Let’s go cage diving!