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guadalupe island great white shark cage diving

Guadalupe island boasts the most prolific populations of white sharks on the planet, and we have your opportunity to cage dive on America’s Shark Boat out of San Diego, California. Let’s dive!

Great White Shark Cage Diving, Dive Guadalupe

Not far off the San Diego coast lies Guadalupe Island, one of the last places on the planet, you can cage dive with great white sharks, close enough to touch one. People travel from all over the world to San Diego to cage dive with great whites on America’s Shark Boat who pioneered this destination in 2000. It’s a once in a lifetime experience for a lot of these people. Kind of one of those bucket list things people want to come and check off.

Your shark diving journey starts at H and M Landing minutes from the San Diego International Airport. From there, America’s Shark Boat takes people 150 miles southwest to Guadalupe Island — an island unlike any in the world, because it’s an island where great whites come to breed.

Once In a Lifetime Shark Cage Diving

Guadalupe Island is a small remote volcanic island 150 miles off the west coast of Mexico. This is best place in the world to cage dive with, and photograph, great white sharks and can only be reached by specialized shark boats like the MV Horizon out of San Diego. In pristine waters where visibility is normally up to 100 feet, shark divers  enjoy three days of cage diving getting to see one of the ocean’s most impressive predators up close.

$500 Deposit

America’s Shark Boat offers shark divers an opportunity to book your next bucket list cage diving adventures for just $500 down (final payments due 90 days laster). If you have ever dreamed of getting close to a great white shark, close enough to know the color of a white sharks eyeball, America’s Shark Boat has you covered. Let’s dive!