Going to Guadalupe Island For Amazing Shark Diving and You’re Invited!

guadalupe island great white shark cage diving

Going to Guadalupe Island For Amazing Shark Diving and You’re Invited!

It’s season #19 at Isla de Guadalupe for America’s Shark Boat this year! Known worldwide as “The Best Great White Shark Diving on the Planet” we’re going to get you up close with Guadalupe island great white sharks in crystal clear blue water with visibility over 100+ feet on most days!

Guadalupe Cage Diver, Shark Diving and Wildlife Encounters for Everyone

Great white shark cage diving at Guadalupe island is nothing short of spectacular and this is YOUR year to experience it. Located 210 miles into the open Pacific it is simply the best shark cage diving destination for calm, clear water and multiple great white shark encounters every single cage diving day. Guadalupe island is home to at least 290+  identified great whites.

Time of the Titans Great White Sharks of Unusual Size 

In October the massive female Guadalupe island great white sharks begin to arrive at Point Norte, including the famous Deep Blue the largest great white ever caught on camera who is 20+ feet long. She was spotted at Hawaii this winter and we are expecting her (60% chance) to show up this season.

Shark Cage Diving Logistics From San Diego

Fly into San Diego, California and meet us directly at the ship at H and M Landing. We do not force shark cage divers on to busses into Mexico, ever. Shark divers boat the MV Horizon from San Diego, Ca and return to our home port in San Diego, it makes shark diving at Guadalupe island a breeze with same day flight options from the San Diego airport just ten minutes away!

Shark Cage Diving, What’s Included

Everything minus a crew tip (if you think they did a great job). That includes accommodations, chef prepared meals per day breakfast, hot breakfast, lunch, dinner, & dessert, plus snacks & non-alcoholic AND alcoholic drinks, unlimited shark cage diving in the surface cages, marine park fees, in-water dive mastering by Horizon Charters shark guides and staff, and onboard facilities.

What’s Not Included:

Nothing. We don’t charge extra fees for anything on America’s Shark Boat. It’s what makes us special because….who wants to pay for extra marine park fees, beer and wine, fuel surcharges, special moments, cabins, linens, bus tours, passport fees and whatever else other operators can think up to get your hard earned money. We are a one stop shark cage diving shop, one low fee ($3895), one price, and off you go shark cage diving!

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