Giving The Gift of Experiences This Holiday Season With Shark Cage Diving

Guadalupe Island shark cage diving

Giving The Gift of Experiences This Holiday Season With Shark Cage Diving

Experience gifting is when you give someone a gift that is a life experience or adventure rather than a material item. It is a ‘doing’ gift. More and more, people are turning away from socks and PJ’s at Christmas and opting instead for experiences that will enrich their gift recipients, inspire them and teach them. Give the gift of cage diving with great white sharks this year, we have been thrilling divers since 2000 at Guadalupe Island and we’ll be back at it again in 2021, join us!

About Guadalupe Island Shark Cage Diving

Isla Guadalupe is one of Mexico’s most pristine and remote shark diving islands. Great White Shark Diving in Guadalupe Island lies 210 miles south of San Diego. The island is approximately 20 miles long and varies in width from 4-6 miles. Open ocean currents wash Guadalupe with crystal clear water often exceeding 100 feet of visibility. Water temperatures usually range from 65-75 degrees and populated with over 400+ great white sharks every season.

Geologically speaking Guadalupe Island is a spectacular sight. Large upheavals of solid rock and the numerous cinder cones tell a tale of Guadalupe’s volcanic origins. The sheer cliffs that make up much of the island’s coastline are magnificently colored in bands of red and orange.

Guadalupe Island Great White Sharks

The island’s main inhabitant is the Great White Shark and that’s what we are here for, since 2000 offering the world’s BEST shark cage diving. Great white sharks are a common sight in the fall months from Aug – Dec and in 2021 we will be offering 21 week long expeditions guaranteed to thrill, educate and deliver bucket list adventures to our shark divers. Join us!