Getting To Guadalupe Island Details and BEST Pricing

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Getting To Guadalupe Island Details and BEST Pricing

Beyond the sun dappled hills of San Diego is the great white shark island of Guadalupe in Mexico.  In 2000 we were the first shark diving vessel to ” discover” the great white sharks of Guadalupe and have been returning to the island each year to watch sharks mate and feed on the abundance of seals and sea lions that dot the islands rugged coastline. Guadalupe island is THE BEST location in the world to cage dive with great white sharks for less on America’s Shark Boat.

Now just $2795 all inclusive 2020-2021.

About Guadalupe island Shark Cage Diving Expeditions

Our once in a lifetime shark cage diving expedition provide our shark divers with the breathtaking experience of cage diving with great white sharks in the wild.

To begin your shark cage diving expedition, shark divers meet us at H and M Landing for direct departures from San Diego, no busses into Mexico – ever!  After you have settled into your rooms, we will return to the main deck for an overview of the boat and it’s safety procedures. Following our safety briefing, we begin our 16 hour crossing deep into the heart of the Mexican pacific.

Come the next morning we make our final approach to the dramatic landscape of the Island of Guadalupe. At that time the crew will begin preparing our shark diving cages in anticipation for our first day of diving. Within the next hour we’ll get you for your first face-to-face encounter with the islands great white sharks!

Guadalupe Island Cage Diving  Memories

Great white sharks are the stars of our cage diving expeditions but you can also see yellowfin tuna, elephant and fur seals, as well as turtles, dolphins, and variety of aviary species. After three exciting shark cage diving days of face-to-face white shark encounters we will pull anchor at the end of our final day to begin the journey back to San Diego, Ca to conclude your expedition.

Are YOU ready to experience more sharks and save money at Guadalupe? Join us for $2795 all inclusive shark cage diving today!