Diving with Great White Sharks in Guadalupe Island From California

Guadalupe Island shark cage diving

Great White Shark Cage Diving Information Guadalupe

The 2018 white shark cage diving season is getting close (August – November) and for shark divers “in the know” now is the best time for great deals on a 5 day all inclusive cage diving adventure to the worlds best shark diving location!

Do I need to be a scuba diver to cage dive at Guadalupe Island?

On America’s Shark Boat you do not need to be a certified scuba diver to cage dive in our spacious shark cages. In 2000 we pioneered the use of safe cages at the surface where a hooka system provides on demand air for everyone.

Do I need any special training to cage dive at Guadalupe?

On America’s Shark Boat, our seasoned shark diving crew offers an in depth orientation and safety briefing and you will have ample opportunity to ask any questions. Additionally ALL your dive gear is supplied to make cage diving easy. No other training is necessary – divers as young as ten years old can cage dive with white sharks.

Are there any physical restrictions on diving with the sharks?

All guests should be able to enter and exit the shark cages on their own, and should be reasonably physically fit, aside from that we welcome you to the exciting world of great white shark diving.

How close will I get to the great white sharks at Guadalupe Island?

We offer the closest, and safest, shark diving on the West coast and at Guadalupe Island (see video) we do not recommend reaching outside the cage to touch the sharks – ever.

How big are the great white sharks at Guadalupe Island?

The adult male sharks range in size from 11′ to 17′. The females are larger, measuring 16′ to 20′ and weighing over 4000 pounds. The sharks you will encounter are the largest in the Pacific and many are breeding aged.

What guarantee do I have that I’ll see a shark?

Yes we do, in fact if you see a shark boat that does not, DO NOT BOOK ON THAT BOAT. If we fail to deliver white sharks on your trip, you get a free trip back, we see sharks on every trip to Guadalupe Island.

When is the best time of year to go shark diving?

The great white sharks of Guadalupe Island begin to arrive each year sometime late in July and have usually departed by late November. We suggest visiting the island during the months of August – November. Let’s go shark diving!