Why Choose Shark Cage Diving? | Guadalupe Island

guadalupe island shark cage diving

Great white shark cage diving has become the ultimate underwater scuba adventure. From South Africa to Guadalupe Island shark diving is safe, thrilling, and an adventure you and your friends will never forget. Shark diving, especially great white shark cage diving, is the West Coast’s top scuba activity and it was founded by America’s Shark Boat at Guadalupe Island in 2000.

The Guadalupe Island Cage Diving Experience

Cage diving with white sharks is a unique experience that enables divers and non divers interested in sharks to observe them in their habitat. Our shark cages are crafted from aluminum tubing which form a barrier that is recognizable by the white sharks at Guadalupe Island. This was not always the case, in the early days of cage diving at Guadalupe Island the white sharks had never seen a cage or divers, so we spent the first three seasons from 2000-2003 getting to know everyone. Exciting times.

Today this means our sharks usually leave the cages alone. Our diver’s safety remain a priority at all times, as does the safety of the sharks. With seasoned shark crews, we have maintained a 18 year safety record. Even though you will know that you are perfectly safe in the cage, it can still be a very scary experience for the first dive, after that we promise, you’ll be a shark diver for the rest of your life!

At Guadalupe Island after 18 years of successful cage diving operations our dive crew will  be able to point out the individual sharks and most of the given names came from our divers and staff over the years with recognizable personalities.

White Shark Research at Guadalupe Island

Since 2002 America’s Shark Boat has been supporting white shark tagging efforts by UC Davis/CICIMAR and Marine CSI at the island and the data is revealing. It turns out white sharks live solitary lives in the deep Pacific, along the california coast, and even up into Oregon until it comes to mating season when white sharks start to flock together at Guadalupe Island. This happens at  from June through January demonstrating the importance of the international community working together to protect white sharks in remote locations like Guadalupe Island.

You can experience the thrills and the adventure of shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island this year. It is a vacation like nothing you’ll ever experience again and it’s worth the time. Contact America’s Shark Boat today and let’s go shark diving!