Enriched Air Nitrox supplied by Horizon Charters is 32.2% (+/- 0.5%)

We have Nitrox available on all our dive trips for Nitrox certified divers. We use a membrane system onboard so our Nitrox percentage will be between 31-33%. You can use our tanks or bring your own. If you bring a O2 clean tank we can fill it but it will no longer be O2 clean. There is no need to pre-order Nitrox.  When you board, sign up for Nitrox for a set price for the trip.  The price includes fills for all your dives as well as a full tank when you leave the boat. If you bring your own tank, we will fill it if needed before the first dive.  The Nitrox charge will be added to your galley tab and you can pay at the end of the trip by cash, check or credit card.

Package Rates For Unlimited Fills