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2018 Update: Discovery Shark Week and Howard Swartz are in the process of green lighting productions for Guadalupe this fall. BEFORE you choose any boat departing from Mexico consider us. We are based in San Diego, can handle multiple film crews (shoot three productions over one trip), have film permits, and have years of experience with Discovery Productions. Call us at 619-816-1225.

About The MV Horizon

There’s a reason why film and tv productions from the BBC, to Discovery’s Shark Week, choose America’s Shark Boat the MV Horizon for unique shark projects and Pacific ocean destination vessel support. As a US flagged vessel we have a higher standard for vessel support, and our professional crews ensure you stay on budget and get the shots you need. Our services range from pre-production project planning to on scene technical and logistical support and beyond. We depart directly from San Diego to Guadalupe Island for ease of production support and logistics.

REMUS Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Underwater Drone Support

We have been the primary vessel and crew support for REMUS Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution underwater drone technology for two years running at Guadalupe Island for Discovery’s Channel Shark Week. This groundbreaking study revealed, for the first time, underwater predation strategies for great white sharks at Guadalupe Island. The MV Horizon is currently involved in productions in the Sea of Cortez, Guadalupe Island, and beyond.The REMUS 6000 is an innovative, versatile research tool designed to operate in depths ranging from 25 meters (82 feet) to 6,000 meters (19,685 feet or 3.73 miles), allowing for a wide range of autonomous operations – including tracking great white sharks in the wild at Isla Guadalupe.

Below is a short list of research teams, production companies, and individuals that have spent time aboard ship with us working on various projects. America’s Shark Boat. Trusted. Tested. Valued.

Call us today to discuss your next film and tv project. We’re staffed by a seasoned shark and marine science crew, and competitive on vessel charter pricing. All our white shark charters depart from San Diego to Isla Guadalupe direct. At 619-881-7561.

Isla Guadalupe great white shark diving is a liveaboard charter for Isla Guadalupe in Mexico. It is ideal for