California Shark Diving

Guadalupe island cage diving


California is the shark capital of the world bringing shark divers to this top shark diving destination for blue waters and big teeth encounters. California has shark diving opportunities year round with the fall being the best months for blues, makos, great whites and more.

California shark diving is something America’s Shark Boat has been doing since 1998 allowing shark divers and non shark divers visiting or living in California  safely up close with our California and Mexico sharks. Whether you’re a first time shark diver looking to encounters sharks, we have the experience and the shark gear and cages to make sure your day on the water with sharks will be successful.

Cage Diving at Guadalupe Island Great Whites

In 2000 we discovered a small volcanic island (Isla Guadalupe) is 240 km (149 mi) west of the Mexican landmark Baja, California. Next to South Africa and Australia, Isla Guadalupe is one of the most well-known meeting points for the world’s largest predator the great white shark.

Our shark cages and operations meet and exceed the latest and most advanced standards from shark research and meet strict U.S. safety requirements. Safety at the highest level is required and guaranteed, as is maximum view of sharks to assure everyone the best opportunity for shark photos and filming. Cages can accommodate 4 people and non divers are welcome.

Non Shark Divers, California Shark diving

For some non shark divers Guadalupe offers a 50% off Shark Viewing Trips, for people that want to spend time and see sharks but choose to do so from the boat instead of in the ocean in a cage. Watching sharks from the safety of the boat is a great option for those looking to stay dry, while still seeing exciting shark action. Both our shark diving and shark viewing trips take place at the same location at Guadalupe Island with direct departures from San Diego, California and can easily be combined with both shark divers and shark viewers.

Our most popular expedition is our cage diving adventure with great white sharks where our guests have the option to go cage diving with huge white sharks. No scuba certifications are needed, anybody can participate. We provide all the gear you will need along with iced drinks. Our shark diving trips cater to both professional divers and complete novices. No matter what your experience level or background we will make sure your adventure diving with sharks is successful.

Let’s go shark diving!