California Shark Diving With America’s Shark Boat

guadalupe island shark diving

California shark diving? Yes, on America’s Shark Boat we got you covered for everything from Blue and Mako shark diving to great white shark diving at Guadalupe Island.With 18 years of experience and a flawless safety record, years of film and TV work with Shark Week, we are able provide novice and experienced shark divers alike world class shark adventures on or in the water. Let’s dive!

California Shark Diving With The Best!

America’s Shark Boat, located in sunny San Diego, California enjoys year round shark  diving so you can shark dive here 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our dive sites are home to premier shark species from Blue, Mako, Hammerhead, and Great White Sharks at Guadalupe Island. Join America’s Shark Boat MV Horizon, Guadalupe Islands original shark boat for a once in a lifetime shark cage diving liveaboard in Mexico. The M/V Horizon liveaboard has been offering Guadalupe shark diving since 2000. With an emphasis on safety, cage diving with America’s Shark Boat is suitable for everyone.

San Diego Based Shark Diving

Divers visiting southern California know that the vessel they charter can make all the difference to their liveaboard scuba experience. With this important consideration in mind, we wanted the MV Horizon to offer our divers what we feel is the best long-range liveaboard boat in San Diego. Since 1980, the vessel and brand has been pioneering scuba diving adventures and locations, offering a vast array of diving opportunities to our valued guests.

Scuba diving with the Horizon crew offers an up close and personal experience with the ocean’s wildlife, staffed by our professional and supportive dive crew. But the REAL excitement comes from cage diving with f=giant great white sharks to Mexico’s Guadalupe Island, it’s bucket list experience not to be missed by big animal lovers and underwater photographers. We also pioneered scuba charters to the Sea of Cortez and Baja while our Channel Islands dive charters deliver days of underwater exploration.The MV Horizon has been described by our divers as their “home away from home” we redesigned the vessel to the perfect dive boat for all diving needs. Book today!