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great white shark cage diving at guadalupe island

California Shark Diving | Diving Trips | Shark Cage Diving

Cage dive with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island with America’s Shark Boat at Guadalupe Island this year. We offer actual US vessel departures from San Diego, California, no busses into Mexico like the rest (and for good reason). We are Guadalupe Islands original shark boat with the lowest shark diving price guarantee and best value.

Safe Shark Diving in California

If you’re looking for safe, fun, shark cage diving excitement America’s Shark Boat delivers. This year discover shark diving with blue and mako sharks, great white sharks, and the occasional hammerhead from our 80 foot liveaboard dive vessel. America’s Shark Boat was the pioneer who started the great white shark diving tours at Guadalupe Island in 2000, celebrating 18 seasons!.

California shark diving is easy, inexpensive, and all inclusive. We take certified and non certified divers into the wild world of sharks, finding and interacting with big sharks in California and Mexican waters. With years of experience and a flawless safety record we are able provide novice and experienced divers alike a world class day of adventure on the water.

New Shark Cage Diving in 2019

At Guadalupe Island America’s Shark Boat created a cage diving operation that caters to men and womenShark cage diving is a sport that is often thought to be dangerous or appealing just to men, but we have seen an influx of women within the last decade at Guadalupe. Women love to shark dive. If you’re a man or a woman confronting our fears, exploring new adventures and stepping out of our comfort zone is liberating and, when face to face with a great white shark, almost addictive. And further, women have created all-women dive clubs to encourage others to join in the sport, forming friendships and communities along the way.

New for 2018 Women Lead Shark Adventures

We have two expedition dates that are women only cage diving adventures this year. Lead by woman shark conservation and diving leaders these trips will be precedent setting, informative and powerful. Women are smashing down the doors to participate in action sports like shark cage diving. They are challenging the masculine tradition and creating new opportunities in the shark diving space. While shark diving may seem like a different beast from traditional action sports, America’s Shark Boat welcomes inroads made in all male dominated sport arenas, change is happening to shark diving and we welcome it!.

All inclusive liveaboard shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island for less. Book Today!