How to Cage Dive With Great White Sharks at Guadalupe Island

guadalupe island shark diving

Guadalupe Island Great White Shark Diving For Beginners 

Guadalupe island is an impressive chunk of rock, with volcanic cliffs towering up over a thousand feet to the mid-island ridge. America’s Shark Boat is always anchored in the lee of the island. Within five minutes of dropping anchor, our crew members usually spot the first of many white sharks you’ll be cage diving with this week. Nothing beats the first time you see a very large, brownish-grey dorsal fin cutting the water, the body attached to it a lot bigger than any shark you ever see again. Carcharodon carcharias, is the shark of every divers dreams, the Great White shark. Are you ready to see a Great White Shark up close and personal?

Join America’s Shark Boat as we embark on a five day adventure to see nature’s finest, and most misunderstood predator: The Great White Shark. We are offer a 5 day, all-inclusive shark diving package from San Diego, California aboard the vessel M/V Horizon.

Guadalupe Island Cage Diving Trip Details

Great White Shark cage dives at Guadalupe Island are for everyone. Social club in Bend those who are not certified to dive! By utilizing surface-supplied air, anyone can take part in this amazing experience. Whether you have decades of dive experience or none at all, you can cage dive with Great White Sharks. The cage dives are all-inclusive packages with no hidden fees or costs.

Here’s what’s included in the trip:

Four star meals, snacks and appetizers prepared by a professional chef
All beverages including house beer and wine
Air conditioned stateroom accommodations
Mexican tourist visas
Guadalupe Island Biosphere permits
Wetsuits, masks, weights and all related shark cage diving gear.

Evening prior to day 1: Trip begins with a 9pm departure from San Diego to Ensenada on the Horizon (no tedious bus rides).

Day 1: 8am Customs/Immigration appointment in Ensenada, Mx. 10am departure for overnight voyage to Isla Guadalupe.

Day 2: 6am arrival Guadalupe Island, Full day of shark cage diving

Day 3: Full day shark cage diving

Day 4: Full day of shark cage diving, 4pm depart

Day 5: At sea, 2 pm arrival Ensenada, 7pm arrival San Diego

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